Fused Deposition Modeling

FDM 3D printing is the most common and cost effective solutions for prototyping and small production parts. As the one of the largest 3D print farms in the Houston, Texas area and the southern US region we can offer superior print quality and short lead times in a wide range of low cost and high performance FDM materials - ABS, PLA, ASA, PETG, TPU, TPE, Nylon, and more!


SLA and photopolymer printing provides some of the highest accuracy and best cosmetic finishes available. With an extensive material library available this technology is great for high resolution design prototypes, digital dentistry, custom jewelry casting, and other demanding applications.

Multi-Jet Fusion

HP "MJF" has truly changed the landscape of additive manufacturing over the past few years by providing high strength, high resolution, high speed production. With the latest version of this technology we can now offer full color parts for architecture models, 3D scans, and designs that incorporate logos, labels, safety marking, etc.

Engineering & Design

With a diverse background mechanical engineering, CAD modeling, electrical design, software programming, patent protection, and manufacturing technologies we can help with any or all aspects of your product development project. Our approach is simple - we take the time upfront to truly learn about your project and become a design partner

Our Reputation

We take pride in quality results and professional relationships

Was great to work with. Helped me through the whole process. Provided valuable input on the right material and suggested adjustments that improved the final order. Highly recommended!     -Philip

Excellent service, affordable, and attentive. Will use i-SOLIDS for my printing needs from now on.     -Luis

Amazing service! The print order was originally scheduled to be completed within 2 days and was actually delivered in one day. [i-SOLIDS] followed up throughout the process with great advise and updates. The live video feed link to the item being printed was really cool. Thanks for a great experience overall - quick service and a very competitive price.     -Sharat

Excellent results on all 38 parts created and at a very reasonable price. A lot less post-processing clean up than I was expecting, too! Highly recommend using i-Solids for your 3D printing needs.     -Quino

How To Get Started

Just let us know how we can help

  • For dedicated 3D print orders just click the "Order a 3D Print" button in the top right to get started. You can upload your files (STL & OBJ), select your desired material & color, and instantly recieve an intial cost estimate. Once your order is submitted we will carefully review each file and provide additional feedback.
  • For engineering projects simply fill out the brief Engineering Quote form and attach any relevent supporting documents. We will carefully review the information and generate and initial cost estimate. We offer both flat rate fees for small projects as well as retainers for long term projects.
  • Send us an email at admin@i-solids.com if you have any questions or concerns.